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Testimonials from Strength and Conditioning Clients

As most people who raise kids know, it takes a lot to really be able to bond well with a teenager. John Leavell trained me throughout my high school years while like many other teenagers, I was lacking confidence and drive to find passion in my life. The way John goes about his work is marvelous and admirable. His ability to notice and congratulate even the smallest improvements provided me with a great deal of satisfaction in the intense work I was putting in with him. Another immensely important aspect of this environment is confidence – One of John’s greatest fists is being able to instill a great deal of confidence in every one he trains. His relentless pounding of positivity into my head did nothing but force me to be positive myself, and the results showed by the time my athletic career was at its peak. Overall I had become a better performer and a better person due to the training experience I had with John, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great motivator and friend.

Mathew Cedro
Jesuit High School
John is by far the most knowledgeable and engaging trainer that I have ever worked with. He makes you set goals for yourself and is in the trenches with you every day to make sure you achieve them. Whether it was speed, strength, or agility training, John customized a workout for me to put me in the best position to succeed on the field. His knowledge of performance training is matched only by his passion and care for his clients. you can see the passion for what he does ooze out of him in every session and it inspired me to push myself even more. The summer I spent training with Jon was the strongest, fastest, and most flexible I have ever been.

Patrick “Bubby” Riley
Jesuit High School, North Carolina State University
If you have or know of an athlete, especially in high school please read!!!! I’ve trained with John 2 times this past week… I’ve never let anyone train me. However I’ve recently revamped my workouts and routines, well I tweaked something in my right leg and went to John for guidance. He went to him on Tuesday and he gave me a 30 minute workout which I found out was simply my warm up and stretching… but to me it was workout, I was dying! However after these 30 minutes my leg felt fine and I truly felt amazing and wanted more. So him and Shannon put me through a few more workouts and circuits. The next day I was sore as all hell, but felt great. Then fast forward to today, I do the same thing 30 minutes of stretching and warming up, again a workout for me, followed by another 30 minute workout. Again I felt absolutely amazing!
As an athlete and a guy in decent shape, the idea of mobility exercises bores me and honestly I’ve never really understood John’s approach to training in terms of mobility. After experiencing his approach and philosophy first hand, I now realize I’ve robbed myself for over 16 years or as long as I’ve been working out. I physically feel the difference from placing emphasis on flexibility and mobility like how we do in John’s training session. I now see what I’ve been missing out on. I literally feel like a better athlete and feel more capable of exceeding what I thought were my physical limitations.
In conclusion I’m trying to say this. John will make your son or daughter a better athlete. He may not teach them to swing a bat properly, or shoot a basketball at high percentage, or even catch a pass. What he will do for your child is teach your child about properly training their body. He will give them the physical abilities to become the best athlete they can be! John’s training methods are designed to ensure that each athlete uses their body to their maximum potential but in the healthiest and safest way possible. I have had a MASSIVE REALITY CHECK! Thank you John for humbling me and for showing me how much more I have to learn about training and working out and how the body works! Reach out to John or Shannon if you want your sons and daughters to become the best player in whatever sport he or she might play! Become one of his Heroes because I know for a fact that I am now! PS he’s located at Premier Fitness.
PS that’s me in the hi-lighter yellow shirt! I don’t know what that workout is called but it’s awesome!

Jared Quinn
Basketball Coach at Archbishop Rummel High School
John’s combination of strength training, conditioning, and nutrition plan allowed me to put on 25 pounds of muscle working with him in high school. John pushed me every day and prepared me to have what it takes to compete at the college level both phyically and mentally.

Allen Dennis
Newman High School, Loyola University
As a parent of two NCAA student athletes, I have learned the value of a first class Strength and Conditioning instructor. John gets fantastic results with the student athletes we send to him. John is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and communicates in a concise manner to his clients. If you or any family member is looking to train to achieve and maintain results, I highly recommend John Leavell.

Walter Beede
Louisiana Baseball and Softball Academy
John Leavell is never finished fine-tuning his craft. John is deeply passionate about health and fitness, and it shows in the intensity and efficiency he exudes in the gym every day. No matter the client, John is capable of maximizing strengths and pushing the client to overcome weakness to achieve whatever goal that client desires. John has personally helped to increase my own overall fundamental strength and athletic explosiveness, which helped to bring out the best athlete in me.

Braddy Williamson
Jesuit High School
It has always been difficult to find a trainer who understands the specific flexibility, conditioning and strength training required of a dancer, but John was able to perfectly tailor my routines every week to my needs. His knowledge, encouragement, and professionalism have helped me to be confident in both my physical presentation and performances!

Kate-Lyne Hecker
NFL Cheerleader, New Orleans Saints
John’s program is by far one of the most vigorous and physically demanding routines I have experienced during my life as an athlete. Yet, he is skilled and experienced enough to recognize your body’s limits so that you can safely and efficiently maximize your body’s potential and outcome. Over the past year, he has pushed me to become a stronger, smarter, and faster athlete by personalizing his routine to not only meet but also surpass my goals. John is by far the most engaging and dedicated trainer I have worked with and is fully capable of fulfilling an athletes short and long term objectives.

John Duhon
Jesuit High School, Tulane University
John truly cares for the athlete. his expertise across various levels of training helps the athlete improve in every way possible. His dedication and desire to get the most out of everyone is second to none.

Patrick Steen
Jesuit High School
John Leavell’s leading knowledge on overall physical fitness is continuously growing due to his dedication to producing results in the athletes he trains. His regimens are extremely sport specific, and help athletes become stronger and faster, as well as larger or leaner depending on the individual and his or her needs. His training is top of the line and is beneficial at any stage of an athletes career.

Drake Foto
Jesuit High School

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See what people are saying about the programs and challenges!

John’s glute building programs include all the key foundation exercises and plenty accessory exercises to build your glutes. The programs are devised to build muscle in all planes of motion and with the use of various angles to build the 3 glute areas. The real magic happens during a one to one or group training session when you learn the cues and tiny tweaks to really engage your glutes and build them.

Jennifer Dawn
IFBB Bikini Pro
With the glute program, I have officially lifted the heaviest weight in my couple of years at the gym. Nothing feels better than knowing how strong you are becoming and the impact it has on your confidence. There’s a great variety to keep you challenged every step of the way.

Alaina Meynard
Challenge Participant
The challenge was intense and takes a bit of effort, but if you’re willing to put in the time and work it will be worth it! In 10 weeks I lost 17 pounds and 23.5 inches! It took me 3 years to put that on and 10 weeks to take it off. When I started the 10 week challenge I was nervous but also extremely excited. John and Shannon provided me with excellent tools and an amazing support system. They added me to a group on Facebook where you could interact with other people who are also working on improving themselves. This page allowed people to share struggles, triumphs, and ask questions. John and Shannon also post videos to show the correct form on exercises if anyone was having issues. With their help I was able to learn how to eat healthier and to fit working out into my schedule. I am now looking forward to a future where I have a better knowledge of food and how to care for my body properly. I am also looking forward to doing more challenges with John and Shannon.

Angel Barrios
Challenge Participant
The 10 week transformation challenge that I did completely changed my life and turned me in to the trainer I am today. It gave me a sense of purpose and accomplishment I’d never felt before and I would love to be able to pass that on to others. I was really missing a good support system, and having a Facebook community of others who “get it” really helped me tremendously. Everything I experienced throughout my transformation, which started before my 10 week challenge and is still ongoing to this day, made me want to share this feeling with as many other people as I could. I learned so much, and John and I would love the opportunity to spread our knowledge to anyone who wants to hear it. Doing a challenge of my own helped the two of us create this one for you guys, and we cannot wait to see the results that we get from you all! It’s a lifelong journey, and we would be so happy and honored to be a part of yours!

Shannon Leavell
challenge co-creator
I participated in the 10 week program offered by John and Shannon. Working with these two knowledgeable certified trainers made all the difference in my success. They provided us with a 10 week daily workout plan, as well as nutritional guidelines and goals. Not only did the meal plan contain the highlights (daily macro targets) but also lists of recommended, optional and best to avoid foods. I learned a lot about planning for my daily food macros. I was able to lose fat weight and gain muscle tone and definition. If there were ever any questions or concerns they were quickly answered and addressed. Videos were posted of proper form for various exercises, which helped so much! I am currently doing my second program of theirs! I highly recommend working with John and Shannon.

Lynn Jacobs
Challenge Participant
Before this challenge I didn’t realize how out of shape I was. I worked out a little at home, but only did the same few things over and over. I didn’t really know any sort of workout regimen or diet to follow, besides the multiple contradicting tips I would see online. Following this program helped me to lose a lot of fat, gain a lot of muscle, and feel better overall in my life. It helped improve my golf game and eased some of the aches and pains I had from having some muscles extremely weak while some were getting worked. I would recommend this program to any and everyone who is serious about getting in the best shape of their life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to bulk up, tone up, or just make pounds seem to fall off. They can help you reach your goal! I lost 5 lbs the first week! Make one of the best choices of your life and get started on an amazing challenge that can change you forever.

Justin Albert
Challenge Participant
My name is Joe and my story doesn’t begin any different than anyone else’s that I’ve heard but it does end rather uniquely. We spoke on the phone, being that I live in Houston, for about an hour. His first questions were “how long do we have and how much do you want to lose?” I told him that the contest I was participating in was for 9 weeks and threw out what I thought was an unrealistic goal of 40 lbs. He laid out my diet and my workout plans. I pondered on this whole “diet” idea for a couple of days then decided to try it out. I followed his instructions to the letter hoping for some kind of results. At the end of week one I had lost a staggering 10 lbs! At that point I was committed. Luckily, John made me take progress pictures because 4 weeks in I started to become very disappointed because I didn’t see any change in the mirror although my weight was steadily dropping. It wasn’t until I looked at my progress pictures, as I was sending them to John, that I noticed the big difference. I was amazed and had a renewed drive! At the end of the contest I couldn’t believe it, not only did I win the contest, but I weighed in at 173 lbs, losing a total of 39.5 lbs in 9 weeks! I now enjoy running, which is something I thought I would never say because not even the 5 years I spent in the Marine Corps accomplished that. John put me on a run program that gave me a sense of accomplishment every time I ran. I can’t say thank you to him enough and now I can’t wait to being my next phase!

Joseph Bivona
Challenge Participant